13 X 5 Lace Frontal Straight Indian ID220

100% Virgin human hair. Our 13 x 5 lace-based frontals are 150% density, pre-plucked to mimic a natural hairline. XIXV provides “Remy Quality hair” healthy, vibrant, silk smooth hair for all occasions.


Color 1b

13 X 5 Lace Frontal Straight Indian ID220

  • Just like your natural hair, your extension needs to be cleaned (once every two weeks; every week if you work out a lot). Do not scratch at your head, scratching will result in frizzy roots and noticeable tracks.

    We recommend going to your professional installer when your hair needs to be washed, if this is not feasible, we recommend the following steps.

    • Choose a shampoo that is high quality and gentle, such as baby shampoo or sulfate-free product. Condition your hair each time you wash your extensions.
    • When washing DO NOT rub the extensions in a circular motion, this will tangle your hair, instead; spread your fingers apart and comb through your hair beginning at the base of the track. Reap this step until you feel your hair is clean.
    • Pat your hair dry after getting out of the shower, because rubbing it dry with a towel with roughen the hair cuticles and cause messy hair shafts.
    • Always allow your extensions to dry before you go to bed; sleeping on wet hair extensions can damage them. If possible, sleep on a silk pillowcase or with a silk scarf to protect your hair from pillow friction.